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Germany, NSDAP. A Party Announcement Sign, C.1938


A rectangular sign constructed of magnetic metal and enamel. The obverse bears red and white writing with black detailing. The top bears a national eagle with outstretched wings clutching a wreathed swastika in its talons and reads “Hier Spricht die NSDAP Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei” (Here speaks the NSDAP National-socialist German Workers' Party). The next section is divided from the top with a solid red line and reads “Volksgenossen! Braucht Ihr Rat und Hilfe so vendet Euch an die NSDAP. It is again divided from the next section which is divided into three sections by solid white lines and the first section reads “ Geschafts stellen:” (Offices:), the second reads “ NSDAP: u.a.zustandig fur Ansragen betreffs SA SS NSKK HJ NS- Frauenschaft usw. Blockleiter der NSDAP:” (NSDAP: among other things responsible for requests regarding SA SS NSKK HJ NS-Frauenschaft etc. Block leader of NSDAP:) and the third reads “DAF-KDF: NSD: Sprechzeit: Blockwalter:” (DAF-KDF : NSD: Talk-Time: Block Administrator:". The next section is divided by a solid red line and reads "Mitteilungen" (Messages). The next section is divided by a solid red line and reads "NSDAP: NS-Fraunschaft: NSD: DAF-KDF:" and the final sections are divided with two vertical solid red lines. The bottom reads "Die mißbräuchliche Benutzung dieser Tafel wird strafrechtlich verfolgt" (Misuse of this tablet will be prosecuted). With four holes drilled in the corners for hanging. Apparent rusting and wear throughout. Measuring 645 mm (w) x 800 mm (h). Used condition.

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