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MEDICAL POUCH. (Ärztlichtaschen) signed L maker Paul Klopfer Berlin 1937.


Each Division in the German Army of WWII had Divisional Support units which included a medical unit that normally consisted of two companies, a mobile field hospital and two ambulance platoons. Within these medical units EM’s and Junior NCO’s with basic medical training acted as medical orderlies or stretcher bearers under the command of Doctors with Officers ranks. The EM/NCO’s acting as medical orderlies and stretcher bearers were each issued with two medical pouches equipped with basic medical supplies to be worn on the load carrying waist belt. Of Note: There were two types of medical pouches for unmounted medical personal marked either, "K" for Kragenträger, (stretcher bearer), or, "S" for Sanitäts, (Medical personnel), and both carried different equipment, as detailed on the interior contents labels. Also there were, "L" and "R" marked pouches for left and right, which again carried different equipment.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Roughly, 10cm tall, 17cm wide, 8cm thick, molded, light tan, leather construction, medical pouch, with a slightly curved reverse, machine stitched seams and steel fittings. In the middle, a paper description of the contents and stripes holding medicines. The pouch is makers marked "L and Paul Klopfer Berlin 1937".

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