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A 1937 12th German Singers League Gathering And Celebration Of The 75th Anniversary Of The League In Breslau Medal


A 1937 12th German Singers League Gathering and Celebration of the 75th Anniversary of the League in Breslau Medal Blackened iron, magnetic, obverse illustrating a standing Greek God-like man, his head turned to his left, his right leg raised and resting upon a rock and holding a lyre in his right arm, reverse illustrating the German Singers League (Deutscher Sängerbund) insignia in the centre, flanked by the dates "1862" on the left and "1937" on the right, inscribed "12. DEUTSCHES SÄNGERBUNDESFEST UND FEIER DES 75 JÄHRIGEN" above and "BESTEHENS DES DEUTSCHEN SÄNGERBUNDES BRESLAU" below, with swastikas top and bottom, 93 mm, two-colour rope fed through the integral ring, near mint.

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