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HJ Knive markd RZM 7/36 maker E. & F. Horster, Solingen.


HJ Knive by M7 / 36 maker E. & F. Horster, Solingen - This blade steel knife with marked M7 / 36 E. & F. Horster, Solingen, with a sharp blade and a semi-sharp tip. Blade sharpening exhibits faint scratches, a common extraction and return to the scabbard, and a natural shine, along with some surface wear. Nickel-plated hilt fittings with embedded black celluloid plates on the side of the panel with the hinges, the obverse plate with an enamelled HJ insignia, flaking of the nickel plated finish and contact marks, all metal fittings are magnetic. Steel scabbard have the traditional black look (worn out), original black leather strap attached by two large rivets, reinforcing the strap at the top with a snap closure Relatively supple with light crazing. Very fine.

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