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KC Winner Postcard - Hauptmann Hermann-Friedrich "Jupp" Joppien.


Is a beautiful mint never mailed black and white real picture postcard, KC Winner Postcard - Hauptmann Hermann-Friedrich "Jupp" Joppien. In excellent condition. World war 2. Scarce.

Hauptmann Hermann-Friedrich "Jupp" Joppien wartime Hoffman portrait photo. (19 July 1912 - 28 August 1941) was German World War II Luftwaffe Flying ace and recipient of the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross with Oak. He claimed his first victory, a French Morane fighter near Heillecourt, on 23 November 1939. However, Joppien's aircraft was hit in this engagement and he was obliged to break off combat. His undercarriage had been damaged and as a result his aircraft overturned on landing. He escaped unhurt. Joppien was to claim a total of four victories during the French campaign. Joppien would emerge from the Battle of Britain as Germany's fifth top scoring fighter pilot. In all, he recorded 26 victories during the air battles over England. On 6 August 1940, Joppien was appointed Staffelkapitän of 1./JG 51. Oberleutnant Joppien claimed his 10th victory on 15 August, when he shot down a RAF Hurricane fighter. He recorded his 20th and 21st victories, two Spitfires, on 15 September. Oberleutnant Joppien was awarded the Ritterkreuz to commemorate the feat. On 18 October 1940, Hauptmann Joppien was appointed Gruppenkommandeur of I./JG 51. He recorded his 30th victory, another Spitfire on 5 December and his 40th, a Hurricane shot down near Ashford on 21 April 1941. He was awarded the Eichenlaub (Nr 11) on 23 April for achieving 40 victories. Joppien led I./JG 51 during the invasion of Russia. On 30 June 1941, he shot down five Russian bombers near Bobruysk to record his 47th through 51st victories. Joppien recorded 12 victories in July, including four Russian SB-2 twin-engine bombers shot down on 2 July (52-55), another three SB-2 bombers on 24 July (59-61). However, after recording his 58th victory, a Russian DB-3 twin-engine bomber shot down on 5 July, Joppien was wounded by return fire and spent several weeks recuperating. On 28 August 1941, Joppien entered combat with Russian fighters and bombers near Jelnja, southwest of Bryansk. In the subsequent action, Joppien was shot down and killed in his Bf 109 by a Russian MiG-3 fighter. "Jupp" Joppien was credited with 70 victories. His victory total included 42 victories recorded over the Western front. Included in his total are 23 Spitfires.

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