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German WW1 Patriotic Ring


Marked with “1914 - DHG” and with text on both sides “Dem Alten Vaterland, Die Treue zu Beweisen, Gab ich in schwere zeit. Ihm Gold für dieses eisen”. A World War I era iron ring. Given as a token of appreciation to those supporting the German war effort, this ring was made in 1914, before the United States entered the conflict. The German Iron Cross centers the band, with embossed foliate detail to either side and the markings “1914 DHG” denoting the Deutsche Heimats Gruppe or “German Homeland Group” organization. The “I Gave Gold for Iron” movement encouraged German citizens to surrender their gold jewelry to support the war effort, and also had success among German Americans until their country entered the Great War on the Allied side in 1917. This ring has a patriotic German inscription to exterior of shank, with an approximate translation reading “In order to prove loyalty to the homeland in this difficult time, to it I give gold for this iron.” The shank interior bears an indistinct patent mark dated “1914.” In used but good condition.

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