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Germany, Heer. A Set Kurland Cuff Title, Iron Cross Second Class, Wound Badge With Recipient Soldbuch and Wehrpass


(Ärmelband Kurland mit Soldbuch, Wehrpass, Iron Cross Second Class and Wound Badge black). Constructed of a white cotton-rayon blend, trimmed at both the top and bottom by black threading, the exterior bearing a black machine-embroidered inscription of “KURLAND”, flanked on the left by a black machine-embroidered shield bearing the coat of arms of the Teutonic Knights and on the right by a black machine-embroidered coat of arms of the city of Mitau, unmarked, measuring 38 mm (w) x 220 mm (l), very nice condition; Iron Cross Second Class very nice condition, Wound Badge Black in nice condition, accompanied by its recipient's Soldbuch and Wehrpass a retaining all paginated interior pages with handwritten entries, with rich service na eastern front, was a recipient of the Iron Cross Second Class, Wound Black Badge, and the Kurland Cuff Title.

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