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Hitlerjugend HJ and Deutsches Jungvolk (DJ) Grouping By Karl Laber, ID Documents, Badges etc.


Karl Laber Document and ID Badges Grouping contains 37 papers, 8 badges, armband and two chips:

DJ photo ID (1 pg,) HJ photo ID(1 pg,) HJ photo Sport ID(1pg,) Kriegseinsatzkarte HJ(1pg,) Leistungsschein DLRG photo ID(1 pg,) Grundschein DLRG photo ID(1 pg,) Mitgliedskarte DLRG (1pg,) Four documents have badges, Certificate NSFK, Performance card, Certificate of discharge - personal particulars, Envelope and picture postcards of the family company Karl Laber, Wehrpass his father, who he was awarded the Iron Cross Second Class and 21 different post-war documents. Eight Badges: third HJ Proficiency Badge silver, bronze and black all marked (RZM M 1/101) By Gustav Brehmer; HJ Shooting Badge marked RZM M 1/102 By Frank & Reif, Stuttgart; DJ Shooting Badge marked (RZM M 1/128) By Eugen Schmidhaussler; HJ Youth Festival Sports Event Badge marked W. Redo; HJ Youth Festival Sports Event Badge 1942; DLRG tinnie. Born on the 20 of January 1927 in Landsberg, he joined the German Youth as a ten-year. Next in Hitler Youth 30 June 19940 he was named Comrade Unit Leader of his local 325 Lansberg youth group. On the 9th of November 1940 he was made Troop Leader of the same group. In November of 1940 he was promoted to Junior Corporal (Oberrottenfuerher,) a title issued exclusively to members of the Hitler Youth. He then acted as a Cadre Unit Leader.

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